Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Who wouldn't want to go to a Dallas Cowboys football game?!? Me too, but unfortunately a college game was a lot more feasible. I had always wanted to go to an OU game. After all, I was born and bread a Sooner fan. I may have graduated from OSU but at a minimum I bleed red and orange. Kelly had been wanting to go to a game too so I seized the opportunity and got us tickets to the Baylor game for his birthday.

The score of the game ended up being too close for comfort but it made for an entertaining day. I did a horrible job picking out seats online and we ended up in the nose bleed section. It was still a great time. I prefer watching from the comfort of my own home though where I can lounge on the couch, drink a beer, and have a better understanding of what's happening with the game. You don't get to see a million instant replays when you are there live!

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